Tooth Colored Filling in Wanowrie

Tooth Colored Filling

Tooth-coloured fillings are also called composite fillings. These fillings resemble the tooth's colour and are also called white fillings. Unlike metal fillings, these fillings are invisible. For such fillings, we will consider multiple elements. You can discuss these fillings with our dental specialist at Dr Jolly’s dental clinic.


Composite fillings

Composite fillings are also known as resin-based composites. These resemble the colour of natural teeth. These are desirable as compared to the amalgam fillings.

Tooth-coloured fillings operate by bonding or glueing to the existing tooth. The composite can fill the smaller cavities more effectively than the amalgam. The significant advantage is that our dental specialist will treat the cavity without removing the healthy tooth structures.

Procedure at Wanowrie

The tooth-coloured filling in Wanowrie resembles the procedure for other fillings but may take longer. Our dental specialist at Dr Jolly’s clinic will match the filling with the teeth' colour.

For the strong base, we do the trimming and drilling. But this will depend on the extent and the seriousness of the decay. After we prepare the tooth by removing the damage, we will treat the tooth's surface with the help of the tooth conditioner.

With the etching process, we will prepare the tooth surface to make a firm bond with the composite. But this will depend on the type of bonding agent we are using.

Before we put the bonding agent, the etching acid is rinsed. We can altogether skip this process, depending on the adhesion agent. Our oral specialist at Wanowrie will decide on this.

Bonding agent at Dr Jolly’s dental clinic

Our dentist will do the curing of the bonding agent. We do this by putting a curing light on the adhesion agent. When the bonding agent hardens, it forms a new seal.

The curing light is generally blue. After the completion of the bonding, our dental expert in Pune will layer the composite to the desired look.

Our dental specialist adds less amount of composite and cures it. By this, you will get healthy and strong teeth.


The cost of the tooth-coloured filling in Wanowrie will depend on the extent of the oral condition.


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