Kids Dental Treatment in Wanowrie

Kids Dental Treatment

For the kid's dental treatment in Wanowrie, we have expert paediatric dentists associated with us. These dental specialists treat the oral health of children right from the time of infancy.

Our paediatric dental specialists have the experience and specialisation for caring for the child's gums, teeth and mouth. These specialists at Dr Jolly’s clinic deal with the multiple stages of the child.

kids dental treatment in Wanowrie

Baby teeth

Your child will have baby teeth during the initial six months of infancy. The child loses the first set of teeth between 6 to seven years of age. Now the stage is set for the eruption of the permanent teeth.

Lack of the oral care

It becomes the moral duty of the parents to look into the oral care of their infants or children. If oral care is lacking, the child will face tooth decay.

The child can face other oral ailments and suffer the consequences later in life. You can overcome earlier childhood dental caries by consulting our paediatric dental surgeon at Dr Jolly’s clinic.

Treatment at Wanowrie

Our child dental expert will provide comprehensive oral health care for the kid's dental treatment in Wanowrie.

We will do the infant oral health exams. It will include the risk assessment related to caries.

  • We deal with the area of preventive dental care. It will consist of cleaning as well as fluoride treatment. We also guide about nutrition and diet.
  • Habit counselling. It will involve thumb-sucking and the use of a pacifier.
  • We will make an early assessment and treatment of the teeth alignment. We will also correct the disproportionate bite[ orthodontics].
  • Rectification of tooth cavities
  • Rectification of other oral defects

Diagnosis of other oral conditions

For the kid’s dental treatment in Wanowrie, we will diagnose oral conditions related to congenital heart defects, diabetes, asthma, hay fever, and ADHD.

Other areas we treat

  • We will manage gum diseases and conditions like short frenulum, ulcers, pediatric periodontal ailments, and mucoceles.
  • Care for dental ailments like knocked out, fractured or displaced teeth.

Cost at Dr Jolly’s clinic

The cost will depend on the type of treatment. It will also depend on the number of treatments.


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