Veneers & Laminates in Wanowrie

Veneers & Laminates

With the help of dental veneers and laminates, we will rejuvenate your damaged teeth. We will make your smile awesome by transforming it through dental veneers and laminates in Wanowrie, Pune.

Through our treatment through dental veneers and laminates, we will deal with your multiple dental concerns like tooth breakage or creating a charming Hollywood smile.


Candidate for Procedure

If the tooth roots and structure are functional, you could be a good candidate for the veneers and laminates. But if you have a cavity or a gum ailment, you will require prior treatment at the dental clinic of Dr Jolly. After this, our cosmetic dental specialist will go for the treatment with Veneers and laminates.

Veneer-what is it?

Veneer is a thin shell, and the prime constituent is ceramic or porcelain. We will decide on the shade of the veneer to match the shade of your natural teeth.

Apart from this, we will match the size and shape of the veneer to that of the surrounding teeth. We will custom-make the perfect blend.

Advantages of the dental veneers

You will have an advantage with Veneers and laminates in Wanowrie. Our cosmetic dental specialist will put veneers on the upper layer of your teeth. Some of the benefits are:

  • Closing the gaps
  • Even length
  • Covering the dark stains
  • Smile with the uniform look

Treatment at Dr Jolly’s Clinic

For the treatment by veneers in Wanowrie, our cosmetic dental specialist will take the impression. By doing this, we will make the veneers in the lab.

The veneers need to match the tooth's colour, shape and size. These will be custom-made. It may take a week or more to make them.

For placing the veneers, we will prepare the tooth by eradicating a part of the enamel. It allows the veneer to adjust flatly and align with the gum tissue.

After we prepare the tooth, we will put a temporary veneer with the help of removable glue. When you wear the temporary veneers, you need to brush gently.

Avoid eating foods that can drift the temporary veneers out of place. Because of the removable glue, moving it is hassle-free.

Permanent veneers

You will come to our office as the permanent veneers are ready. We will remove the temporary veneers. We will attach the permanent veneer with the water-based solution. We will make the adjustments if required.

Cost in Pune

The cost for the veneers and laminates in Wanowrie will be based on the oral condition and the type of veneers and laminates.