Painless Dental Treatment in Wanowrie

Painless Dental Treatment

Many ignore dental health and do not receive dental treatment at an appropriate time. The prime reason is that they are scared of pain.

With time, dentistry has evolved to a greater extent. Now, you can have the maximum dental treatments without any pain. You will not feel discomfort with the painless dental treatment in Wanowrie.

Because of the painless dental treatment, the patient's confidence level in the dentist increases. You will be relaxed during the dental procedure.


Pain-free dentistry- why do you need it?

We perform dental procedures under the influence of local anaesthesia. The patient will cooperate with the dentist if there is no pain during surgery. We will do the dental treatments under the influence of:

  • Local anaesthesia
  • Sedation
  • General anaesthesia

The above numbing options allow you to go to absolute sleep during the dental procedure. Some of the dental procedures that you can do under the local anaesthesia are:

  • Root canal treatment
  • Dental implants
  • Tooth extractions
  • Wisdom tooth surgery

Painless dental anaesthesia

  • Sprays and numbing gel
  • Slowgec dental anaesthetic system

At the dental clinic of Dr Jolly in Pune, we have replaced the traditional injection syringes with painless dental anaesthesia. If you have a phobia of needles, you should not worry. With the latest dental anaesthetic system, the experience will be comfortable.

Painless RCT at Wanowrie

You must come out of the myth that root canal treatment involves pain. We can save the aching, infected or broken tooth with root canal treatment. We will protect the tooth from extraction and restore its functionality with the RCT.

You must come out of the myth that root canal treatment involves pain. You may get hurt during the root canal treatment because of specific reasons.

  • Inadequate anaesthesia or not implementing the proper technique
  • Acute infection

Latest RCT techniques at Dr Jolly’s Clinic

At Wanowrie, we use the newest equipment and modern technology for RCT. Some of these are:

  • Apex locator
  • Endo motor

The above will decrease the discomfort and the time of treatment. It will boost the efficacy and success of root canal treatment.

Other instruments for painless dental procedures at Wanowrie are:

  • Reduction gear physiodispenser
  • Implant system with drill stoppers and sequential drilling
  • Application of the multiunit and multi-angled abutments
  • The expertise of the surgeon
  • Navigational dental implant technique
  • Digital impressions
  • Implant crown fabrication

Cost at the clinic in Pune

The cost of painless dental treatment in Wanowrie will depend on the number of dental treatments and the overall oral condition.