Teeth Whitening in Wanowrie

Teeth Whitening

With teeth whitening in Wanowrie, we will whiten your teeth and restore these to their original lustre. It will also enhance your smile. Our dental specialists at Wanowrie will do this treatment for you.

Some of the dental experts associated with us for this treatment are oral health therapists and dental hygienists. Teeth whitening in Wanowrie will transform your teeth, and no doubt about this.


Teeth whitening at Dr Jolly’s Clinic:

With teeth whitening at our dental clinic in Pune, we will lighten the shade of your teeth that are dark or discoloured. Our dental professionals will diagnose the teeth' discolouration. After this, our specialists will conclude on the type of treatment and whether the particular treatment is impactful or not.

Teeth staining-causes

Some of the causes of the teeth staining are:

  • Drinks
  • Tobacco
  • Age
  • Tea, coffee and red wine


Many beverages have intense colour pigments. These are called chromogens. When these attack the white tooth enamel, there will be a dark appearance.


Tobacco comprises nicotine and chemical tar. It will turn the colour of the teeth yellow.

Enamel thinning-age factor

Because of ageing, the enamel layer will become thin. Because of this, the inner dentine will display. The colour of the dentine is yellow. It will make the teeth appear dark.

Darkness due to injury

Injury to the tooth releases more dentine for protecting the dental pulp. By such a condition, the toot can appear virtually darker. A dark appearance happens because of the blood leakage from the tooth's interior and movement to the adjacent tooth structure.

Staining is of two types:

  • Extrinsic staining : These are the stains on the outer surface.
  • Intrinsic staining : These are the stains in the interior of the tooth structure.

Treatment options at Dr Jolly’s clinic

In-chain cleaning

For teeth whitening in Wanowrie, we will offer you the in-chair teeth cleaning. Our dental specialist will whiten your teeth as you sit on the dental chair. We will do this treatment with hydrogen peroxide and light release on the teeth.

After the above procedure, we will also provide you with the take-home teeth whitening treatment to maintain the white colour of the teeth.

Teeth whitening toothpaste

We will provide you with teeth-whitening toothpaste. It will contain special abrasives and whitening agents.

Cost at Dr. Jolly’s clinic

Based on the extent of discolouration or stains, we will decide the cost of teeth whitening in Wanowrie. The price will also depend on the oral condition.