Teeth Cleaning in Wanowrie

Teeth Cleaning

We will offer you professional teeth cleaning in Wanowrie to your total satisfaction. Our dental specialists at Dr Jolly’s clinic are experts in providing this treatment.


Clear your misconception

You are incorrect if you think you are in perfect health just by cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush. You need to understand the relevance of teeth cleaning, also called dental cleaning.

You may have a prolonged delay in the dental check-up. In such a situation, we may advise you the deep teeth cleaning in Wanowrie.

Reason for teeth cleaning

Harmful bacteria will attack your teeth in the form of plaque and tartar deposits. This formation can emit toxins leading to gum disease at an initial stage called gingivitis. The same condition can take the shape of the advanced form called periodontitis.

With the progression of the periodontitis, you can have the following conditions:

  • Inflammation
  • Bleeding
  • Receding or drifting gums
  • Receding bone tissue

Teeth cleaning or dental scaling at Wanowrie

Our dental specialist will do the specialised procedure of dental cleaning to remove the calculus and removal of the bacteria below the gum line. We will do this with the help of the hard scaler and the ultrasonic cleaner.

The ultrasonic cleaner will use high-frequency vibrations to separate the calculus from the mouth.

Subgingival teeth cleaning at Dr Jolly’s clinic

Our dental specialist will clean beyond the gun line in the subgingival teeth cleaning. We do such types of cleaning for advanced prosthodontist cases. It is also called root planning.

Based on the complexity of the cases, we may also do such type of teeth cleaning in stages. The final decision for this will depend on the dental specialist. Since the procedure is extensive, you may require a couple of appointments.

Dental cleaning advantages

If you clean the teeth in Wanowrie appropriately, you can stop the teeth or bone loss shortly. You can also save money on costly reconstructive procedures at the later stages.


To remove the hidden tartar, we will make use of the ultrasonic scalar. It will reach all the surfaces and gaps of the teeth to eradicate the hidden tartar and plaque from the gum and teeth. Our dental specialist will not harm the natural tooth structure.

Apart from the technique of mechanical removal, our dental specialist will do continuous water irrigation to generate a cavitation effect. The suction machine will continuously suck out the water to put you in your comfort zone. Doing this will accomplish the procedure without any type of resistance. It will make the eradication of debris more impactful.

Deeper deposits

You will have deeper deposits if you have not visited a dental expert for decades. For this, we will apply anaesthetic gels so you have the slightest discomfort or pain during cleaning.