How to Care for a Root Canal Treated Tooth?

How to Care for a Root Canal Treated Tooth?

By Cosmodental, 02 Jul 2022

Root Canal is an effective way of treating damaged teeth. It helps in removing the infected pulp from the affected tooth. The tooth surface is then cleaned and disinfected, and the teeth are sealed with a filling. As root canal is a painful process, patients are given local anaesthesia to reduce the effect of pain. Therefore, dentists suggest root canals during extreme dental damage. Depending on the severity of damage and the tools used, root canal treatment cost in Pune can differ from one dentist to the other.

The root canal has been one of the best dental treatments to ensure problem-free healthy teeth. However, to keep your teeth healthy and protect them from further infections, you must take good post-root canal care. Keep reading this article to know the procedure to care for your teeth after a root canal treatment!


Caring procedure for Root Canal Treatment:


A root canal saves your teeth from future infection and damage. However, you must follow some precautions and care for your teeth after a root canal treatment to keep your teeth healthy. Here are some of the ways you can take care of your root canal-treated tooth:

  1. Brush and floss gently

Cleaning your teeth is always essential, whether before a root canal treatment or after. However, the tooth becomes sensitive after a root canal treatment; therefore, it needs careful cleaning. Aggressive brushing can damage your teeth and leave them prone to damage. 

Harsh brushing can dislodge the crown of your teeth and affect the temporary filling. Therefore, you must use soft bristled brushes to clean your teeth. Moreover, you should not force flossing between the teeth, keep it gentle and if you face any issues while flossing, contact the dentist at the earliest.

  1. Rinse the mouth

Cleansing your mouth is an essential part of tooth care. However, it becomes difficult after a root canal treatment as a rigorous cleansing procedure can affect the treated teeth. Therefore, you should follow gentle cleansing techniques to keep your teeth intact and infection free.

 As per the dentist’s instruction, a patient must undergo saltwater rinse at least 3 to 4 times a day after a root canal treatment. One must prepare a mixture of lukewarm water and ½ teaspoon of table salt to rinse their mouth. However, take care while rinsing, as a rigorous mouth rinse can damage the treated teeth.

  1. Eat soft foods

You must check your eating habits after a root canal treatment as it can also affect the teeth in many ways. Hard or crunchy food can expose the nerves and dislodge the filling inside the teeth. However, consuming softer foods reduces the risk of root canal-treated teeth being further affected. Soups and liquid foods can provide essential nutrition besides relieving the pain. Thus, consuming soft and liquid foods can help the patient to recover faster after a root canal treatment.

  1. Avoid putting pressure on the tooth

Putting pressure on the root canal-treated tooth can be dangerous. Therefore, the patient must chew on the opposite side of the teeth to avoid any further issues. The filling takes time to seal the tooth permanently; therefore, taking safety precautions is necessary. Moreover, wearing a mouthguard can help keep the affected tooth safe.

  1. Listen to the dentist’s instructions

Every dentist provides some special dental care regime after a root canal treatment. This includes oral hygiene habits and other safety precautions. Patients with severe damage need to follow a different regime and the ones with minor damage need to follow others. In case of critical infection, dentists suggest avoiding brushing for a long duration. Instead, they advise mouth rinsing with lukewarm saline water.

  1. Care for your teeth and restorations

From root canal treatment to a permanent crown or filling, a patient must undergo some safety measures to maintain oral health and hygiene. Immediately after the treatment, patients must brush gently and floss to keep their teeth clean. Patients must avoid hard or crunchy foods, rinse their mouth with saline water and avoid applying pressure on the infected tooth. 

After following all the required safety measures, the dentist processes the permanent crowning or filling. Once the tooth is permanently sealed, a patient can follow normal eating habits and oral care regime.



Prevention is always better than cure; therefore, one must take good dental care before the teeth get infected. Most dental treatment procedures are painful. Thus, dentists at Pune use several advanced equipment to perform root canal treatment. Therefore, root canal treatment cost in Pune differs depending on the technology being used. However, using the latest techniques helps to reduce the pain to some extent and complete the surgery accurately.