Dentures in Wanowrie


Our dental office in Wanowrie, Pune, will provide denture treatment as part of top-quality dental care. Our dentures have the top ADA-approved materials. You will also save money and time.

You will get your smile back at Dr Jolly’s clinic. You will smile with high confidence levels and eat well with the treatment by dentures in Wanowrie.


Prosthetic Dentistry at Pune

Through prosthetic dentistry at our dental clinic, we will provide multiple treatment options to replace the missing teeth. Our dental specialist will give you complete, overdentures, partial, and customised premium dentures.

We will also offer you the denture recliners and the laboratory denture repairs on the same day.

Immediate Denture

Your embarrassment of living without teeth is gone after you meet our prosthetic dental specialist. At our dental clinic in Wanowrie, an immediate denture is an attractive solution if teeth extraction is unavoidable. You will have fully functional teeth on the day of the extraction.

Premium dentures at Dr Jolly’s Clinic

We custom-create premium dentures in the dental lab. In such dentures, the anterior teeth are composed of porcelain. This is for the higher resemblance to the natural teeth.

Complete Dentures

A complete denture is also called a full denture. This is a replacement device in prosthetic dentistry. In such dentures, the denture teeth are composed of acrylic or porcelain.

Complete dentures are held together with an acrylic base. We will restore your happiness with a confident smile.

Gag reflex

If you have the acute gag reflex and want complete upper dentures linked to implants, we will provide implant-supported dentures. If you cannot manage the facial muscles to hold the lower denture in place, you can talk to our dental specialist for implant support dentures.

Partial dentures at Wanowrie

We will custom-create the partial dentures for you at our dental clinic. With such dentures, we will replace some teeth, but we will not replace the complete lower or upper jaw.

Flexi dentures- a comfortable option

Our Pune dental clinic will provide flexible dentures as the most comfortable option.

The cost will depend on the following factors:

  • Partial versus the complete dentures
  • Type of materials that are used
  • Associated procedures will include contouring, extractions, etc
  • Traditional or the implant-secured style

Advantages of flexible dentures

  • Comfort with improvement
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Extra fracture resistance as compared to the rigid acrylic
  • These can be relined
  • Affordable with aesthetics


For the appointment, you can call or mail us.