Braces Treatment in Wanowrie

Braces Treatment

You may have a problem with teeth misalignment. These could be crooked teeth, crossbite, underbite, overbite, as well as other types of misalignment. We will treat the misalignment of the teeth through the orthodontic treatment from our orthodontist at Dr Jolly’s clinic.

Through the braces treatment in Wanowrie, we will improve your smile. It will happen through the better alignment of your teeth.


Teeth misalignment

Many problems arise because of teeth misalignment, and some of these are:

  • Improper biting
  • Uneven or the disproportionate smile
  • Difficult to clean the complex zones of the teeth & much more

With the help of the braces treatment at Dr Jolly’s clinic, we will rectify the alignment of the teeth. It will enhance the smile and improve biting.

Braces treatment- a good option

The braces treatment will prevent dental conditions like the gum diseases or cavities. These dental problems occur in case of the malalignment of the teeth.

Braces-why I need these?

Although they look for aesthetics, many probably do not bother with crooked teeth. But they are unaware that if the teeth are misaligned, these can impact dental health shortly.

You may need braces if you have the following:

Overbite : In this condition, the upper front teeth will overlap with the lower front teeth at a different distance of 2mm.

Crossbite : In this dental condition, the upper teeth are towards the side of the cheek compared to the lower teeth. The lower teeth will overlap the upper.

But in some instances, overlapping will take place. Such a dental condition is called a crossbite. We will rectify the issue through braces.

Open bite : If the upper teeth do not overlap the lower teeth because of inevitable dental failures, such a condition is called an open bite. It will need orthodontic correction at Wanowrie.

Misplaced midline : In this dental condition, the central point or line of the upper front teeth is not in unison with the lower front teeth.

Spacing : You may have unnatural spacing because of the jaw and tooth size mismatch. It can also happen because of missing teeth. For this, we will provide you with orthodontic correction through braces.


Through the braces treatment in Wanowrie, we will treat crowding. Crowding can cause the following dental problems:

  • Cavities
  • Food lodgment
  • Gum infections
  • Poor aesthetics

Other dental conditions we rectify through braces at Dr Jolly’s clinic are:

  • Forwardly placed teeth


After the mouth analysis, we will decide on the braces treatment cost in Wanowrie.